Sierra and Sophie

Sierra is an eight year old BLM (Bureau of Land Management) mustang in Berthoud, Colorado, who, along with her best friend Sophie, a BLM burro, were transferred to the ownership of Teresa and her family. Teresa called me on a recommendation from Colorado Horse Rescue in Longmont.

She explained the story and situation concerning Sierra and Sophie as both had been horribly foundered in previous years and now that her family had taken possession of them was having them treated by CSU veterinarians.

Although Sophie is gentle and lead able, Sierra was completely wild.

Teresa stated that she really had no experience with horses much less mustangs and that she had a great desire to save Sierra's life ,even though at first CSU recommended she be put down.

Her hope is to have Sierra able to be trimmed without the large doses of tranquillizers needed before. I agreed to help and the following pictures are a testament to the progress. Take note of the feet in the first set of pictures. Although I don't normally rope mustangs the first time I needed to do so with Sierra due to her pen at the time. She gave to pressure in time and was touched gently for the first time.


Letting her settle after roping
Making the first approach
Saying "Hello"


Making friends

After owning Sierra for almost a year Teresa brushed her horse for the first time during our 5th session.

And then there's Sophie!!


Sean Davies