Sean began riding and training horses at an early age. Like many of you. When kick to go and pull to stop were the rule of the day.

Now some 40 odd years later , the “Natural Horsemanship” revolution is in full swing and with these concepts and his personal love of horsemanship ,he is helping people achieve their dreams of a better relationship with their horse.

Through the years he has studied many different philosophies and horseman and come to his own understanding of the equine creature.

Coupled with his years of experience and knowledge of horses he has aligned with the concepts of 'Reis Ranch Universal Horsemanship' and the methodologies implemented by Dennis Reis of RFDTV  As Dennis’ Northern Colorado “Ambassador” , Sean helps coordinate the annual tour stop and clinic at the CSU arena. (See events for Dennis's upcoming visit to Colorado)

These concepts include no gimmicks, no gadgets, no games just a solid foundation using calm assertive training methods. Just enough pressure to get the job done.

Using these methods you will find your horse more 'willing' to give what it is you are asking without frustration and without fear.

Not only does he believe in giving the horse a solid foundation, but he also wants to empower you as the owner to continue the training. He encourages participation of the owner in the training session‘s, in watching him work, in answering questions. A true partnership between the horse and the owner built on mutual respect. As well as individual horsemanship training for beginners to advanced.

Call Sean today to schedule a time to watch him interact with a horse or student in training.

Sean Davies