Client Testimonials


Susan Moore - Fort Collins, Co
Susan Lawrence aka Susan Moore
I'm a radio personality for Regent of Colorado and the owner of
'Arabians of Lawrence', a self funded Arab horse rescue in Ft. Collins.

Saturday, September 26 '09

Just today, my coming 3-year-old Music carried her first rider. She was
pretty cool about it...did I mention her first rider at a walk, trot, and
lots of canter? I'm awed, proud, elated, etc…can you see my changes

Hello, Sean Davies
She'd had ground work...good groundwork. I wanted this to go slowly,
she's such a baby. I was having doubts about my abilities with such a
lovely little horse. I was afraid I'd 'screw her up', I'd already done that with Lily.

Hello, Sean Davies
O.K., girls, he IS charming, single, and loves horses! Sounds like a
dreamboat, huh? He's also brutally honest. I expect that and respect that.

Hello, Sean Davies
When I started training with Sean in December of '08 my goal was to
'collect' my grey Arab mare, Lily...she collects now. My black mare
Tess already knew how to do it, but now I know how to cue them both. Wow, how fun!

Hello, Sean Davies
Besides communicating well with the horses, he communicates well with
me...I DID mention he's brutally honest. Now this comes at a cost and
I'm happy to pay for all I learn...the list is long. What do YOU want to
do?...start a colt? ...become a lighter rider? ... rasp a hoof?
Hello, Sean Davies




Amy Gibbs - Fort Collins, Co
I lost my trusted old friend, Jake, and was nervous about getting a new horse. I debated as to whether to get an older already trained horse or to get a young one that I would hope to find a trainer that would make a good horse and not a mess that might have issues that need cleaned up.

 I opted for a young one that I thought might have a good mind...to be my 'baby Jake'. I interviewed several trainers looking for a trainer that I felt would give me a 'new' trusted friend.

I placed an ad on craigslist and received several responses. Many sounded good, some sounded horrible.  If they offered to 'break' my horse I deleted the response as fast as I could. I went and watched a few work, nothing really felt just 'right'  - then I received a response from Sean Davies.

I went and watched him work with a student's horse and was impressed.  What impressed me was his knowledge, which he does not hesitate to share. His patience and gentleness always encouraging both the client and the horse to install confidence to build a working relationship between his students and their horse. Both horse and student are rewarded for our 'try'.

He has devoted hours of work to my horse for a very affordable rate. I attend the almost daily training sessions. The training facility is clean and safe, I feel good leaving my horse there. Sean's work and training with my 'baby Jake' has gone beyond my expectations.  It is a great partnership. I look forward to many many years with my new horse.

Sean Davies