I asked him to separate her out and she showed a fairly calm demeaneor as he pressed the gate between her and the other horses. There was a chance that she may have been bred at the time due to the young, red roan, stallion that was brought in with them. She later turned out just to be fat on all the prairie grass. Not really needing another horse I couldn't ride .....I already owned a 10 year old BLM mare who was also buck wild and Zaria, my 6 month old arab filly.....I left trying to forget about her.

That night, I had a dream about this blue roan mare. Now, being part Native American , I listen to my dreams. This one said that I could not let this horse go to slaughter and that is where they were all headed.

The next morning I called the young lady who owned the rescue, and, had a working relationship with the dealer, and asked her to call and see how much he would take for that mare. He actually gave me a decent deal over what he paid for her and I went down and picked her up.

I named her Galaxy Blue (Lexi) for the gorgeous markings in her coat.

I spent alot of time with her in the taming process and as I made great headway, she showed how willing she was. She never showed aggression or any desire to strike out.

This mare has rewarded me with such acceptance in her training that her next ride after this video was filmed was out in a 2 acre pasture. Her fourth was in a 3 1/2 acre pasture. Her 6th was 3 hrs out in a local state park on a trail ride just the two of us.

She has now been ridden in two Dennis Reis clinics, countless trail rides and is well on her way to a great foundation in classical horsemanship. Never had one buck or negative episode.
So....dreams do come true.




Driving Miss Lexi - Working with Lexi on her ground driving here. This gives you the ability to work on vertical flexion while pushing energy from behind and not fighting them from the saddle. You control the forward motion and have them come into the bit without undo force. The result you will see is a much lighter horse in the mouth and hands, with elevation in the stride.


Sean Davies