Listed below find some of my current and former client's horses. 


Lexi (Some dreams do come true)
While helping a rescue organization pick up some pregnant mares the local horse dealer (kill buyer) had called them about, he came in with a trailer of 20 horses just bought at a Nebraska auction .

They were all from a small herd culled from Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota. They are reservation mustangs, non BLM branded feral horses.

Most were actually beautiful horses ,but, all were buck wild. Standing in the middle of the group fairly calmly was a beautiful black head with a striking blue roan body.......click here for more information and to view the video of 'Lexi in the making'

Barbie is a 16 year old quarter horse owned by a student and is actually well trained but with a little rust on her edges. In the beginning of this session she was resistant to giving her head and collecting and by the end...click here for more information and to view the video of 'Taking the Rust off Barbie'

Chyla the Mustang
click here for more information and to view the video


Lucky is a gaited Tennessee Walker brought to me for training after having been to several other "Trainers". When he came he did not know how to flex vertically or give to leg pressure. This video is about 30 days in and I am working on keeping his gaits, and the basics of leg yield ,haunches in, and half pass...click here for more information and to view the video

Music is a 2 1/2 y.o. arabian filly belonging to one of my horsemanship students. After working her 1-2 times per week for about a month, this is the ground work before her first ride...click here for more information and to view the video
Sierra and Sophie

Sierra is an eight year old BLM (Bureau of Land Management) mustang in Berthoud, Colorado, who, along with her best friend Sophie, a BLM burro, were transferred to the ownership of Teresa and her family. Teresa called me on a recommendation from Colorado Horse Rescue in Longmont. She explained the story and situation concerning Sierra and Sophie as both had been horribly foundered in previous years and now that Her family had taken possession of them was having them treated by CSU veterinarians. Although Sophie is gentle and lead able, Sierra was completely wild.

Teresa stated that she really had no experience with horses much less mustangs and that she had a great desire to save Sierra's life ,even though at first CSU recommended she be put down...read more


Zaria's pre-ride Groundwork & Round pen work...click here for more information and to view the video


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Sean Davies